It's Valentine's Day, and Damon needs a love spell. Musical Inspiration: Unloveable by The Smiths   Bonnie thinks if someone asks her for another love spell, sheโ€™s going to set something on fire. Itโ€™s bad enough everyone knows sheโ€™s Sheila Bennettโ€™s granddaughter, bu
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13 thoughts on “UNLOVEABLE

  1. Hello in this fanfic too, Stella!! LOL

    Awww… I don’t know why I’m still surprised with your excellence at writing them. What a perfect plot twist! You got me all worried and really eager for more. Good to know you’re thinking about making it a two-shot (“or even more?” Asks Eva with hope shining in her green eyes*)

    Thank you again! โ™ฅ

    1. You are so good to me, Eva!
      I’ve been spinning ideas for a second part, but all I got so far is Bonnie sputtering and going, “Wait, WHAT?”
      LOL! But if inspiration hits, I will add to it.

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