I Cried For You Β  Ever since the fallout with the Originals, he’s gotten into the habit of watching her. It starts simply: a few late night strolls that end up in her neighborhood, a latent desire to check on the witch and make sure Klaus hasn’t convinced her to join his ranks. The neighbors a
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6 thoughts on “THE MORE YOU IGNORE ME – Chapter 1

  1. Oh gosh, that was so good! I loved the interplay between the two of them. Really enjoyed seeing Bonnie in this when she wasn’t being used to solve some problem. She was grieving and it was terrifyingly beautiful. Also really enjoyed seeing Damon seeing a different side of her. Really nice chapter.

    1. Thank you so much! This little collection is turning into my space to just pen random ideas and play with Bonnie a bit. I always felt like Damon was total Bonnie-stalker in the show, lol

  2. I was thinking about your fics and found this one. This was sad. I always thought Grams dying was wrong. She should have been the one to teach Bonnie how to harness her powers. glad to know its not a one shot

    1. I wanted to play with Bonnie and dark magick, as well as play with a few ideas for Pagan Poetry and Odd Days… so doing this series seemed like a good way to do that. Plus write a few smutty things with all the boys, hahaha!
      I’m not sure how Grams is going to feature yet… but I imagine there will be a conversation between the two when Bonnie starts to get superdark.

  3. If it is only one shot I’m sad πŸ™ Because this story needs chapter 2 πŸ™‚ It was a pleasure to read it πŸ™‚ It is really hard to wait for updates πŸ™

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