A Bamon Valentine's Day. Set somewhere in season 3. AU Flirty Romance. The first gift comes at 8am, the delivery man pounding on the door of the boardinghouse and shoving the dozen flowers into Damon’s hands and walking away before he can register what’s happened. All the vampire knows is
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14 thoughts on “SPECIAL DELIVERY

  1. Hi!

    Make it a full story, pleaseeeeee! I agree with Ness. The most of the fanfics show Damon courting her, but Damon being courted is definitely interesting to read. He just want to feel loved, awww ♥.

    Im super curious about the way Bonnie got that portrait of their mother… and, of course, how was their date and everything after that. I’m such a Bamon fan, dammit… hahahahaha.

    Thank you! ♥

  2. How could u allow this to be a one shot ☹️ …. it’s super super sweet. All the Bamon stories I read are Damon going after Bonnie but not enough are shown of Bonnie pursuing him. So good job!

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