FanFics: The Vampire Diaries

BAD MOON RISING by Stella Noble –  Bonnie’s moon spell has a few unforeseen consequences.  Bamon, Stefonnie, Defan Multi-Chapter AU. Rated XXX TABOO THEMES.  Please read the Caveat post before committing to this read! (Updated 07/15/20)

BLOODSTREAM  by Stella Noble – Bonnie and Damon are trapped in the Prison World. When his pessimism drives Bonnie to tears, Damon comforts her the only way he knows how – and discovers a longing for something more. One-shot, Rated X   (Complete)

COFFEE  by Stella Noble – Written for the Bamon Secret Santa Exchange on Tumblr. CoffeeShop AU!Bamon. One-shot, Rated G   (Complete)

EVEN DAYS by Stella Noble –  When the Odd Days have run out, what are you left with?  Bamon Multi-Chapter AU, Season 6, Rated X. Continuation of  ODD DAYS. (Updated 8/28/17) On hiatus, returning Fall 2020.

LONELY  by Eris Jade –  She’s addicted. Addicted to the feel of him moving between her thighs.  Addicted to the sting of his teeth in her neck.   His fingers digging into her flesh. Bamon AU. One shot. Rated X   (Complete)

THE MORE YOU IGNORE ME, THE CLOSER I GET  by Stella Noble – A series of connected drabbles and one-shots: He’s gotten into the habit of watching her. Damon calls it being a friend. Bonnie calls it stalking. Season 4-5, AU One-Shot Series, Rated G-X.  Bamon,  Klonnie, Stefonnie, Boncel, and whatever else comes to mind.   (Updated 5/8/17) Writing as the muse sees fit.

ODD DAYS  by Stella Noble – The Other Side is gone, and Damon and Bonnie are trapped in an empty Mystic Falls. Bonnie is tired of sacrifice and ready to let go of the past, and following her lead guides Damon to rethink everything he knows about life, death, and love. 1994 Bamon Multi-Chapter AU, Rated X   (COMPLETE. Check out the continuation, Even Days)

PAGAN POETRY  by Stella Noble – When Bonnie disappears on a quest to regain control of her magick, it’s left to Damon to find the witch and bring her home – or Silas will be the death of them all. Season 4-5  Multi-Chapter AU, Rated X.   (Updated 2/19/17) On hiatus until Even Days is done.

SPECIAL DELIVERY  by Stella Noble – A Bamon Valentine’s Day. Set somewhere in season 3. AU Flirty Romance. One-shot, Rated G.   (Complete)

UNLOVEABLE  by Stella Noble –  It’s Valentine’s Day, and Damon needs a love spell. One-shot, Rated G  (Complete)

FanFics: Marvel Avengers

BLACKBERRIES by Eris Jade – Bucky is slowly seduced with whiskey, soul music… and pies. Multi-Chapter. Rated X. Erotic Romance (Complete)

FIFTEEN MINUTES  by Eris Jade  – Bucky meets the new neighbor. Drabble, Rated G. Flirty Angst  (Complete)

HOME  by Eris Jade – An evening with the wife and kid. Domestic Bucky. Multi-Chapter, Rated X for later chapters.  (Complete)

LIGHTS  by Eris Jade  – A Bucky Barnes Christmas. Drabble, Rated PG. Sweet Romantic Goodness  (Complete)

SAFE  by Eris Jade – James “Bucky” Barnes is in search of connection and healing. He may get more than he bargained for. One-Shot, Rated X.  AU, OC, Erotic Angst.  (Complete)

Original Stories

COME UNDONE  by Eris Jade – She’s not impressed with him. Never has been, and he has most definitely tried. It’s as if she can see right through him. It’s both unnerving and intriguing, the way those dark eyes move over him. Erotica, WM/BW. One-shot, Rated X.   (Complete)

KALINA  by Eris Jade – She didn’t spend a lot of time mingling with other folks in the Lifestyle – and yet, here was this blue-eyed hottie who seemed to have knowledge of her deepest, darkest desires. Erotica, BDSM theme, BW/WM. Multi-Chapter, Rated X.  (Updated 3/26/17)

OFFICE HOURS  by Stella Noble – Rhea Henderson is tired, broke, and in desperate need of a new job. So when she’s offered a position as David Waverly’s new assistant at one of the top advertising agencies in the country, she jumps at the chance.  But being at Mr. Waverly’s beckon call may be more than she bargained for. Contemporary Romance, BW/WM. Multi-Chapter, Rated X. (Updated 6/19/17)


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Original Stories

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