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  1. No. No. No. What just happened? Bonnie is stuck there. No. No. No. I’m so sad. Ho hum. I must say that everything was written beautifully. I can see everything in my mind’s eye so clearly and that I thank you for. These two are soooooooo hot together. I cant handle it.

  2. I can’t believe what just happened? I just have no words to describe how sad I’m πŸ™ πŸ™ I can’t believe that Bonnie is all alone in this awful place and Damon returned home. I can’t even to write this comment because I cry like a crazy girl πŸ™ πŸ™ You did greate job, you wrote absolutely good chapter but you broke my heart πŸ™ πŸ™ Will the people from the real MF be sad that Bonnie didn’t return or they will be busy enjoying Damon’s return?? (I’m angry).

    1. Thank you so much! I had reservations about leaving Bonnie there, but it had to be done! And Damon and the MF folks are in for a crazy ride, LOL. I’ll be updating soon, trying to get a few chapters ahead, and then another story took over my brain. But the real MF adventures are coming!

  3. I just died! Literally I just died. Came back to life and had to write this comment down before I curl into a ball and lament to why Bonnie can’t have nice things. Gosh, Damon should have trusted her intuition. He was trying to make this easier on her. I sort of expected this but it didn’t make it any less painful when it happened. It feels like an end of an act with this chapter. And it was a solid ending at that. I’ve really enjoyed this epic yarn you’re spinning and am anxiously awaiting what happens next. Thanks for posting this amazing story! Gonna go curl up in my ball now until your next update.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I have to admit, there will be alot more fetal position crying in the next few chapters, LOL
      But it will be worth it in the end, I swear!

  4. No. No. Take it back. Im crying so hard right now. Bonnie alone. No. This was a great chapter. When she asks for him to let her go I bawled. Then she said I love you, wwwaaahhhh!!! I hope she’s no alone for long. I hope nothing happens to her as she goes to the tomb. I hope she can do the spell again. Thank you for such a great chapter.

  5. Hi!!

    I’M SO MAD AT YOU RIGHT NOW!!! Yes!! I’m yelling at you!!! You made me feel happy one second and then broken at the next second, that’s so mean!!!

    Okay, now that I let you know my angryness (?), I gotta tell you that I MISSED YOU!! I came back as much as I could just to see if this story was updated, and today I find it updated, and I was so happy to see that pic of the eclipse!! Just to be tearful at the end of the chapter :'( :'( . As much as my Bamon heart loves to see-read them together, I actually enjoyed their time apart in the TV show, when Damon was all about getting her back. I kinda expected Damon to go back and help her, not Jeremy, but whatever.

    Back to the fanfic topic, I really hope we get a double POV in every coming chapter (pretty pleeeease!), because I really suffer when I know about Bonnie but not about Damon, or viceversa.


    Thank you for the chapie, β™₯

    1. LOL! I’M SORRY! But I had to do it. Honestly, I had second thoughts about leaving Bon alone, but I also love the idea of Damon going bonkers trying to get her back. Plus, I had already set everything up to have Bonnie be left behind, and when I started to rethink it, it was too late to change anything. So, I went for it.
      There wont be double POV in every chapter, but there will be a few. Damon’s got some shit to handle back in the real world, the Mystic Falls gang all gots opinions, and Bonnie is officially on a mission to save herself… so it will be an adventure!

  6. Aw man, I didn’t see that coming at all. Poor Bonnie. Poor Damon. I think my heart broke with Damon’s. I like your take on the separation between the two. I love your take on the spell to liberate them from the Prison World. I definitely can’t wait for the next chapter!

  7. Ahhhhhhh dammit!! I just wanted them both back safe and happy but that’s just too good to be true. Can’t wait to see what else you’ve got in store and how the hell Bonnie is gonna get back (because she has to). Great chapter!

  8. Omgawd!!! I have been waiting for this update and you did not disappoint! I can’t wait to see what Damon goes through to get her back…and don’t get me started on the gangs reaction to his odd behavior!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I need more like yesterday😘😘😘😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️

  9. Awwww noooo Bonnieeeeee!!!!

    I just knew that damn doll was going to literally guve them more hell. Wth man. Although they apart I can’t wait for the reunion. Their love is so beautiful in this story!!!

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