ODD DAYS – Chapter 22

Day 121 (part two) – Controversy  Bonnie is intoxicated enough that the bar room spins, and her tongue feels numb in her mouth, and she’s suddenly craving tacos. She knows Damon did it on purpose; that damn vampire refilling her glass again and again, trying to lower her defenses. Trying t
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  1. JustStockton Avatar

    So here’s the thing. I love New Orleans. All the history there is just perfect for a story like this. I love Gothic Horror. One of my other favorite fanfics is the Second (unfinished) that feature Bonnie and Kol in a really creepy Nawlins prison world. So when I was reading this, I was like beyond words. Because I just didn’t expect this at all. Everything about them stumbling into the room full of dolls was so wrong it was right! Scarier than anything the combined of them have dealt with. And again, I love how you can get so much mileage out of just the two of them playing off of each other. It’s just fantastic. This chapter was a real winner for me and likely will haunt my dreams at least one or two nights. Nice work!

    1. Stella Avatar

      HOORAY!! Thank you so much. My home base is split between San Francisco and New Orleans, so I feel like I have to do both those places justice in my writing.
      And the mileage thing – thank you for noticing. I have to admit, I’m having some issues bringing the real MF folks back into the conversation, hahahaha

  2. infiniteluvbot Avatar

    Ok , Stella Noble, You are officially the most terrifying person I know.. That doll scene had me shook. This was too easy. WTH, is going to happen.

    1. Stella Avatar

      LOL awesome. I fricking HATE dolls, lol

  3. lynaye1993 Avatar

    I was frantic when I realized that I hadn’t read this fic in a while and couldn’t find it on AO3. I’m not even 100% sure how I found your website but I’m so glad I did. This fic is amazing and those Damon dolls! Honestly after the tear catcher and between those dolls and the tomb I’d be living it up in the other world! Cannot wait for more!

    1. I’m so glad you found us! And be sure to spread the word, lol!
      I love that people are enjoying this story. I have Chapter 23 coming in the next couple of days, plus updates and new stories being added in the other sections. I’ve been ill and I’m just getting caught up. Thank you for reading!

  4. stormygirl30 Avatar

    That was creepyyyyyy! I wish that it could be easy. I can’tell wait to read more. I really needed this after the finale. Girl keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much! Update coming soon!

  5. clararosetyler Avatar

    Creepy Dolls ugh 🙂 I would be scared too. And I agree with Bonnie it is too easy. After all that awful things they’ve been through it is really to easy. I understand Damon’s point of view he wants to keep both of them safe but I have this feeling that he actually did opposite. That he put them in danger, especially Bonnie. Well we will see 🙂 Please update soon 🙂

    1. Damon is…Damon. He always has the best of intentions at heart – even if those intentions are only for his own benefit. He never really thinks things through, and I wanted to honor that. But yeah, the next chapter is… hard, LOL. But I just got back from my vacation, so the update will be up in the next few days!

  6. annofarkansas Avatar

    Oh the dols! Creepy! My mom and aunt used to paint porcelain dolls and i refused to stay in the guest room with them staring at me. Those were particuarly creepy in the illustration. Another excellent chapter I just love the humerus banter between them.

    1. Seriously, the only thing creepier than dolls is clowns, lol

  7. Dolls creep me the hell out. N those pictures ain’t help either lol…. yes I feel Bonnie it’s too easy. U don’t ignore a feeling like that.

    1. LOL yeah the pics really sent it over the edge, hahaha

  8. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii *Eva jumps up and down while waving Stella*

    I’m so happy you updated this story ♥. Love you! Now commenting the “episode”:

    First: How can they be so adorable? I miss them together so much!!! That banter we only get in fanfics is absolutely enthralling. How they finish each other thoughts and sentences. How they communicate with a move of their bodies or with a look. It’s something I hardly see in books/TV shows. Thumbs up for all that dialogue! I’d love to live in your mind and watch the characters act in there while you imagine them together, hahahahaha.

    Second: Quick pecks are my favourite PDA. I find them so childish that it’s adorable.

    Third: I will never, ever understand the fascination some people have with dolls. They are meant to be played with, not for decoration, please. I’ve read a book, a thriller where the action takes place in the Island of Dolls, Mexico. I couldn’t see them as cute as before anymore.

    Forth: This is just an assumption. Something will go soooo wrong when they (Bonnie) performs the spell to get them out of there. I can feel it. That change they made choosing the doll instead of whatever it was in that horrible, creepy cript, will mess up something. I’m sure of it.

    Have a great week!! ♥

    1. Thank you darling! Yes, Damon is screwing stuff up once again. And quick PDA is also one of my favorites – it says so much about a relationship in a quick, easy, yet sweet way.
      And I have a trip planned to the Island of Dolls this summer! I’m so excited! That kind of creepy stuff is so much fun, lol

  9. introvertedxxmusings Avatar

    Lawd I’d of never thought of dolls! That is freaky. I’m imagining the doll magicked with something that affects then on the low-low or following them home.

    Thanks for my fix boo!! Lol

    1. LOL you’re welcome!

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