ODD DAYS – Chapter 21

Day 121 (part one) – Erotic City  “You’re a sinner, I don’t care,” Bonnie sings as the Camaro speeds down interstate 10, her fingers waving in Damon’s direction as she dances in the passenger seat. “I just want your creamy thighs…” The vampire leers at her as his head bops
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  1. JustStockton Avatar

    Not sure if you write smut or magic better. Both are done well in this chapter. I love seeing them not become suddenly not them because they are into each other. And I love that there are continued complications with them getting out of the world they are in. All the good things to this chapter. Totally enjoyed it.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Seriously – that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received, LOL! Thank you!! Magick and smut are my two favorite things. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment!

  2. infiniteluvbot Avatar

    That was just everything. I am reading this on my lunch break and mouth is hanging open. I feel like a naughty kid reading their parents adult stash. LOL. The scene at the coffee shot was sooo good. Idk, if i’ve said it in previous reviews but I am loving Bonnie’s magic. The colors of it. The feel of it. No wonder Damon is smitten. Their disagreement was cute. The last line was classic Damon.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thank you SO MUCH. I love writing the magick, but the smut is my favorite hahahaha!

  3. annofarkansas Avatar

    Oh my dearest Stella why could you not have been one of TVD powers that be? We could have had this goodness on the screen. I am doing some catch up reading. I LOVED the last scene I love their bickering on even footing as much if not more than the steamy scenes and that last line by Damon was SOOOO Damon and I just am loving this so much. 🙂 Your description is amazing. It is so real like I am there which yes makes me feel a bit like a third wheel perv during the sex scenes lol

    1. HOORAY! I love the third wheel perv feeling hahaha! And thank you so much! I’m working on getting myself into TV… I think I could create some good HBO content LOL

  4. Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay… If someone can do it, that is Bonnie Bennett. I’m sure of it. Maybe siphoning the magic in that city? Like when she was absorbing the sun? I’m positive you mentioned it for some reason, not just random conversation. Please tell me Bonnie doesn’t end up dead in Deadland… because I’d hate to hate you, hahahahaha.

    You know? I really like the fact that in this page you put pics and gifs. I didn’t say it in the previous chapter, I forgot to… that Damon’s silly dance is a mind-blanker… LOL.

    Excellent chapie as always!!

    1. Stella Avatar

      No spoilers! LOL
      Even if Bonnie ends up dead in Deadland – and I’m not saying she will – Damon’s angst will be worth it, LOL
      I love an angsty Damon.
      And yeah, I thought adding pics would be fun, since I have that option here. I’m still going back and adding them throughout the older chapters. Glad you like it!

    2. I know right?! Why do we love his angst? It’s so enjoyable to see him suffer, hahahahhahaa. I’m sorry, but it seems it’s the only way he goes down to make a jump and land in a higher position. I’m reading Ugly Love, by Colleen Hoover… I’m a huge fan of fucked up love stories… LOL

  5. My goodness this story is sooo good! Damon is not playin games with Bonnie but I get it like who wants to be stuck in an empty world forever shit I’ll be ready to take some risks too. But they made gettin out this world hard asf lol

    1. Stella Avatar

      LOL I agree, getting out of the prison world is complicated… but at the same time, if Bonnie could have accepted her power, and actually been trained in her witchcraft (instead of spending her time saving the Gilberts), all of it would have been easy for her. And Damon if would have confronted his issues in/with the prison world instead of bitching and moaning, and he would have been helpful sooner. They are at that point now I think, with a couple of backslides here and there.

    2. Soooo True!!! The potential is endless!

  6. sammee71 Avatar

    Everything about this is just so good!

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thank you!

  7. stormygirl30 Avatar

    GIRL! I love this story so so much. I need something after season 8. This is how Bamon should be, maybe they would have had more seasons if they would have changed up the formula. At least I have good fanfiction like this to get me through. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!

    1. Stella Avatar

      HOORAY! I’m so happy this helps with the shitstorm that is TVD, lol

  8. francesca Avatar

    That was so good! I’m interested in what happens next. This one of my favorite fics.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thank you so much!

  9. introvertedxxmusings Avatar

    You make me want to cry tears of happiness and love omg. This gets better and better. I mean they are truely true to themselves and to each other and gahtdammit I’m gonna explode when they say the L word to one another. Are you tryna kill me?? I thought we was cool girl *ugly tears* lol. I need to go recover now! I have to gather my thoughts <3

    1. Stella Avatar

      LOL Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I’ll warn you now… you gon’ be maaaad when they finally say it, HAHAHAHA!

  10. blackexcellencedefined Avatar

    Love love love love it! And I died at the brooding forehead part 🙂

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thank you!

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