ODD DAYS – Chapter 17

Day 103 – Lady of the Island  “Did you know in the original Latin, your full name literally means beauty blessed from heaven? It’s like the universe knew how gorgeous you would be.” Damon’s voice echoes throughout the cave, and Bonnie would find his words to be complimentary if
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  1. Qtesiyah is a shitty matriarch for the Bennett line. I know your Bonnie isn’t sure about having kids (which is the MFG’s fault, actual children would be easier to care for) but she’d be a far better mother to the next generation of Bennett witches. Bonnie wants Damon and Damon wants Bonnie. However, I trust things will not run smoothly. Another great chapter capturing their relationship progress.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Qetsiyah was such a waste of a character. All the awesome things they could have done with her, and she was just petty and mean because one fuckboi did her wrong a thousand years ago.
      But, no – things can never run smoothly for these two, lol. But at least they have each other now!

  2. JustStockton Avatar

    “She was nothing but a selfish thirsty bitch who left generations of Bennetts to clean up her mess. Skank.” That was a line for the ages. For all the children to gather around for storytime and witness in its awesomeness. THE TRUTH! if I ever heard it uttered. I mean, I’m not going to blame the Bennetts for Silas being Silas and Qetisyah reacting accordingly. But the OG Bennett did not think it through. I’ve always been irritated with how family oriented Qetsiyah has always NOT been and how family oriented Ayanna was. I’d like to think Sheila and Bonnie take after Ayanna’s side. Wonder who Lucy favors since we didn’t get much from her.

    Another stellar chapter. This is where I left off I think or maybe the chapter I reviewed so sorry for the extra words that might have already have been said. Loved the two of them on the island together. And I loved the real conversation they had at the end. Not sure what’s going to happen when they go back but some of these words needed to be said. And I’m glad they were. Super appreciative of getting to see your updates. Thanks again for creating this website and posting your work. Been really nice catching up.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Yes, I remember we talked about this on A03 when the story was still posted there! Thank you for coming over and commenting here too!
      You are so faithful, and wonderful, and your comments are truly one of the reasons I keep writing. I’m grateful!
      As for the Bennett family stuff… I’ve got some ideas on that which I’ll be exploring in Pagan Poetry. I posted the first chapter of that one, but Odd Days took over my brain, lol

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