ODD DAYS – Chapter 15

Day 83- Anytime, Anyplace  It’s the tongue swiping languidly on the back of her thigh that wakes her up the fourth time. Bonnie makes a sound of protest even as her lips, nipples, and sex began to tingle. She raises her upper body to sit up and feels a big, strong hand gently but firmly sh
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  1. The debauchery is on pause! Your porn writing skills are in a league of their own. The desire they feel for each other is so real. The chemistry between them feels authentic and not forced.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thanks, Lee! That was my goal: hot and dirty, but real. Especially with these two characters, who had the seeds of authenticity in the show but were never really allowed to blossom.
      And I LOVE a good sex scene, lol

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