ODD DAYS – Chapter 12

Day 71 – If Only Tonight We Could Sleep  They’re drinking. Again. He’s sitting on the living room floor, half empty bottle in hand, his back against the couch she’s sprawled on, The Cure playing softly in the background. They haven’t spoken for awhile, each lost in their own though
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8 responses

  1. This was so insanely good. The intimacy is exactly what a look for in sex scenes and they didn’t even fuck. There’s real emotion and passion and it is so good. Truly impressive.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Thank you so much! It truly is my favorite chapter.

  2. The vulnerability in this chapter is why I’ve read I’ve read this story 12 times and counting.

    1. Stella Avatar

      Yaaass! Thank you so much. Still one of my favorite chapters!

  3. amberawesten Avatar

    OMG! This is my favorite chapter! I was mortified when I thought this story was gone forever because I read this fic like I can’t breath without it. There’s just something about Damons underlying innocence in this chapter and how he becomes a grown man in a matter of minutes under Queen B’s care!!! So wonderful….:) Love you, love it, love everything!!!

    1. Aaaw, thank you! Yeah, I can honestly say that this is my absolute favorite chapter of everything I’ve written so far. Actually, its the first chapter I wrote for this story! Then I had to go back to Day 1 in the prison world and figure out how to get them to this point, LOL

    2. amberawesten Avatar

      Yup! Just read it again. I have no shame!!! Lol😍

    3. Girrrl, me neither. I still go back and read this one and go, “holy shit, I wrote this!” LOL

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