LONELY (by Eris Jade)

Bonnie’s in the process of getting ready for bed, preparing for another long night of aching need and seething loneliness, when she decides a shot, or seven, of tequila might aid in taking off a bit of the edge.Β  The bite.Β  No pun intended. She rounds the corner to find him standing there.Β 
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7 thoughts on “LONELY (by Eris Jade)

  1. Whew. I’m fanning myself. I may even need a drink or cigarette. That was off the charts hot. And Damon saying I love you. Insert fainting gif here. This was so goooooddd!!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Whoa, that was amazing! I was not ready for that…Lawd have mercy my face is all hot. Thank you very much for making my day! I have to go…need a cold drink.

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