4 thoughts on “KALINA – Chapter 2 (by Eris Jade)

  1. You’re not getting much verbal support for this story so I decided I’d be the first to let you know that this is great. BDSM can be an intimidating theme and when done improperly it can result it 50 Shades of Mess. Happy to say that is not the case with this story, it isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. We the readers are reminded that at the end of the day these characters are just 2 people who like a little kink, they’re not some magically perfect mannequins with little depth aside from their kinkiness playing a role more or less, they’re believable. Anyway great work so far, I’m super excited to read some more!!

    1. Diamond, thank you so much for you comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed and even more glad that I can provide you with something a little different and out of the ordinary!

      You are so right – writing BDSM, especially interracial BDSM can be very daunting. I made an effort to stay away from usual stereotypical fetish tropes and I’m so glad that came across.

      There will be more from these two, so keep and eye out!

      Thank you, again, for your support and your review!!! I LOVE to hear a readers take on the work! *hugs*

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