EVEN DAYS – Chapter 5

Day 144 – Doll Parts   The attic space is windowless, empty of furniture, smells of mold and frankincense. Long shelves line the walls to hold the room’s contents, on display like treasured things. Loved things. Things to be proud of. Dolls. Hundreds of dolls, all colors, a
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8 thoughts on “EVEN DAYS – Chapter 5

  1. Those dolls are freaking creepy. That pic on the side had me shook. I hate dolls. I wonder if Damon is having some sort of psychic connection with Bonnie. I mean they are bonded aren’t they. I miss Bonnie so much and I can feel Damon’s despair and emptiness rolling of the page. Great chapter.

    1. Thank you! It’s really that “despair rolling of the page” I’m going for. But – SPOILER: no psychic connection. Damon’s just losing his shit, hahahaha

  2. Hii!!!!

    Ugh! I hate those stupid dolls. Really, really hate them and I hate Philomene and her ideas too. Stella, you. Are. Twisted. jajajajajajaja.

    If Elena dolls are heading to Damon… Does that mean she’s going to appear in scene soon?

  3. It was very good chapter πŸ™‚ These dolls scared me terribly, and I agree with the other reader that Damon gonna be insane before he gets Bonnie. And I’m worried very much about Bonnie. These dreams means something and I feel it is something bad πŸ™ Thank for the update. I’m going to read the next chapter.

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