EVEN DAYS – Chapter 4

DAY 142 -  Love Will Tear Us Apart “You know there are other breakfast foods, right? There’s whole aisles in supermarkets dedicated to things like cereal, and-“ Damon places the plate in front her, and sits down with his own. “Shut up and eat your pancakes.” Bonnie frowns at the sm
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13 thoughts on “EVEN DAYS – Chapter 4

  1. I am so behind on my reading but you did not disappoint with this one. I almost did a Hallelujah dance when Stefan said he killed Enzo. He should never have come back from the dead imo. I would like more detail on how that was done. I love that you are working on fixing the Defan relationship. Some fail to remember the show was about the brothers not Eggbert. Speaking of Elinda, I kinda hate her two. She was so blah after s1 to me. So, leave her out if you want to lol. If you do write her, I hope you can bring back some of the like I had for her when she first appeared on the scene. I am so happy Damon admitted his feelings for Bonnie. My heart is all a flutter. I love Defan moments b/c man love is awesome. BTW, I am sooooo down for Klaus/Stefan or Klaus/Stefan/Caroline hook up. Yes please.Did she hide at the back of the freezer? Bc no vamp would look there and no food is in there. so no human would look there either. I hope its a funny spot. Anywayz, onto the next chapter. Oh and I love the email update feature.

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

    HOW IS BONNIEEEEE!? hahahaha, Too many chapters without her send me to the edge, I swear. Defan is just awesome to read, they really love each other, even when they not always show it. Another reason to love this story is just that, you make them talk about another things, be sincere, be real.

    I missed Caroline and her bubbly, hyperactive self. So funny, down to earth, honest!! I didn’t miss the Gilberts, tho. I wanted to know that happened to them, but that’s it. I’m glad they are away 🙂

    The blood bond is sending him some clues in the future, I’m sure of it. that kin between them has to be useful, I just know it.

    Thank you for the chapie! See you in the next!!!

    1. That was the thing missing from TVD I think – no sincerity. The characters never grew, or had deep conversations – it was just one quip and joke after the other, and convoluted plotlines.
      I’m honestly holding off on the Gilberts as long as I can, because they bore the hell out of me and are a bitch to write because I hate them. But it’s a writing lesson I suppose – how to find something redeemable about characters you cant stand, lol
      Bonnie is gonna be gone for a bit longer, but it will be worth it when she returns, I promise!

  3. I liked this chapter but I want to know how Bonnie is doing, I want to know if she is ok? I miss Bonnie like a lot. I like this Defan storyline, but I need more actions to bring Bonnie back. I wanted Steroline not Klonnie 🙂 🙂 But back to the story I’m glad Damon admited that he loves Bonnie (it should be this way in the show too). Now Stefan will be wor harder to bring her back, at least I think he will be. Damon being in prison world and missing Stefan (not Elena) proves that he was and will always the most important person in Damon’s life. And it was the same in the show, that’s why Damon was constantly unhappy after Stefan’s death. No matter how Elena (the writers) wanted to convince us that they had happy life. they hadn’t. Forced Elena’s smiles and Damon’s clenched jaw, proved opposite. And I never understood Elena’s choice to eraise her memories. It was the biggest cowardice ever. I don’t care she couldn’t deal with Damon’s death, it shows only how weak Elena’s character was. Delena realationship since the beginning was the biggest disaster .
    I liked this chapter but as I said before I want more actions and I want Bonnie 🙂 Please update soon 🙂

    1. I seriously block the second half of season 6, and all of the 7th and 8th seasons of TVD from my mind. I’ll snag a bit of dialogue from those episodes, just to keep the characters in their personalities, but that’s it. All of TVD was a clusterfuck, but those seasons were the worst. Like, SO BAD hahahaha
      Elena erasing her memories was so fricking weak.
      Thank you for reading! Bonnie will be coming back… we just have to suffer a bit first. I figure better us than her for the thousandth time, lol

  4. This chapter was all about the dyads. I love the conversation with Stefan and Damon (long overdue) as well as the one with Caroline and Stefan. It’s so weird to think of Caroline immersed in Original Land. It’s not like she’s not a good fit there. Just her and Stefan have chemistry. Didn’t expect to go away but it felt real and heartbreaking that it didn’t work out. I’m also okay with her moving on with Klaus. He has always been devoted to her. So I’m glad she gets someone who puts her first, which the Salvatore brothers have a habit of not doing.

    I also like the reaction that Damon had to Elena getting her memory erased. She gave up after he died. And I don’t like being in the position of judging anyone for how they grieve but I’ve never been a fan of how Elena does on the show. And this is just the latest example of how the people around her are better to her than she is to them. Love the mention of Abby and the search for Lucy continues. Love the Bennett inclusion in this story. They should be involved in getting her back since they were not exactly great while she was living.

    I’m still missing Bonnie in this story. Her presence is still felt very strongly but I hate that she is over there by herself, experiencing who knows what. I guess it’s not all the different from what happened in Season 6; however, it’s definitely more compelling seeing how it’s playing out within this world you’ve created. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    1. You called it – Caroline is not a good fit with the Originals, but it (hopefully) will create an interesting dichotomy, particularly in the search to reclaim Bonnie.
      Elena was weak, always was. And while I understand what the TVD writers were trying to do with her character and the Delena relationship, it was executed horribly, at every turn. And then they erase her memory, opening the doors to new possibilities for every character, and instead they just recycled plotlines. Damon still wanting her after she did that was ridiculous, and completely unbelievable to me. Because Delena had a lot of things, but epic love was not one of them. She gave up, willingly – even wrote herself a note to say she was better off without him. And STILL they put them back together. *eye roll*
      Bonnie’s gonna be missing for a few more chapters. I’m loving the drive it creates in Damon, and the effect it has on the reader. Again, I wanted the reader to experience a level of that same angst Damon is going through. But yeah, I miss her too! On the bright side, its been like 6 hours alone for her so far LOL

  5. Yay! This was Sooooooo freaking good! I loved every bit of it. Please oh please let us get a Stefan/ Caroline/ Klaus triumvirate 😍😍😍
    Stefan liking men and women? I mean why the hell you couldn’t be the one to write VD I don’t know…Thank you so much for the update!

    P.S. Damons reaction to the Elena news and Stefan talking about BB and Damon keeping the group together was everything!!! ❤️

    1. Thank you! I knew I couldn’t be the only one that saw Stefan’s bisexual potential LOL
      Because there is no way Klaus was that obsessed with Stefan to not have got the booty, hahaha
      I never understood the reaction Damon had in the show. How can you still want to be with someone who’s to weak to mourn you? So I fixed it 🙂

  6. I get email alerts now!!! I love the depth, that you delved into, with Defan and Steroline. It’s truly beautiful to see them have their heart-to-heart moments and cone closer together. I’m glad Stef can read his brothwr so damn well and that Damon didn’t even deny his feelings dor Bonnie. I can never get over how weak Elena was and the move she made to erase her memories of Damon. I don’t care for Delena but that trick ain’t even tryyyyyyy. I’m hoping Damon continues to move on without her without much turmoil or angst. He deserves so much better. Hell, even the ditz ass doppelganger I suppose. An-ty whoooo I’m wondering where did Carebear hide whatever it is they were talking about? I’m imagining in a drawer full of dildos but that can’t be lol.

    1. Right??? Elena is like the prime example of what a woman SHOULD NOT be, hahahaha! “Whatchu mean you forgot me – on purpose?!!!”
      So I am going to attempt to fix her character in this story, give her some growth and perspective, make her the friend and lover she should have been (but to someone else, not Damon or Stefan!). But I admit, it’s hard. Because I kind of hate her, and I hate writing her. I’m hoping when she hits the scene it doesn’t show, lol

      You’ll find out what Carebear was talking about next chapter, or the one after, depending on the flow. LOL dildos seem appropriate though… maybe I’ll save that for when her, Stefan, and Klaus get in a room together. Hmmm…. 🙂😍

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