EVEN DAYS – Chapter 3

DAY 138 – Heart Shaped Box   He tries. Harder than he’s ever tried for anything. Tries to keep her hand in his. But her slender fingers slide through his grip, and she stops making an effort to hang on. Let’s herself break. Let’s herself fall. For him. She looks so sad.
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16 thoughts on “EVEN DAYS – Chapter 3

  1. This story is giving me everything I feel the show missed. I am glad we are reading from Damon’s POV. It gives me anxiety not knowing what’s going on with Bonnie. His PTSD episode on the highway was intense. I like the idea that you give us Damon developing as a person but also the same Damon that needs to get Bonnie back. He is determined to get to he r back dead/alive. He is fiercely loyal in his attempt to save her. I shed a tear when Stefan said he was heartbroken. The whole Stalaric conversation needed to be said to me. I also didn’t think they were objectifying Bonnie in their appraisal of her. Imo, the show removed all desirability from Bonnie & we as viewers were like why can’t they see how beautiful (inside/out) she is. I am glad that the time is 13 days equates tp 1 hr. I hate the idea of Bonnie being alone for any length of time in that world. I guess we cant call it a prison world since no one was imprisoned there. Hopefully, she isnt alone for long. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      Yeah, I stuck with the prison world title, as it was easier. Plus, Damon felt like it was a prison, LOL
      And have this secret fantasy of Stefan being a BDSM type of freaky sexy, plus he is a Ripper at heart. I always felt like there was more lecherous about him than TVD let on, hahaha
      And poor Damon… but I wanted him to go a bit crazy, and to be conflicted in future chapters. It seemed more authentic that way.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Hi, Stella!!!

    I wanna know more about the Scooby Gang! How is Matt? Caroline? Will they met her in NOLA? Elena is not with Stefan, I’m 99 % sure of it. She has no memories of them at all and she’s happy with whats-his-name, away from MF… Am I right?

    So in Bonnie’s world just one hour or two have passed… Is she unconscious for the blood lose? Is she alright? When we will know about her? I’m very worried about her well-being, physically and mentally. Because I’m almost convinced she’s gonna have a break down, and that’s is going to be really hurtful to read.

    Damon is a mess πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ . Completely believable. In the TV show they didn’t showed him with any kind of trauma… which with his super hearing is just not believable. So a lot of kudos for you! πŸ˜€ Reading him in this state makes me sad. I truly hope he gets some good news soon. Maybe a glimpse of her through their blood bond with Lucy’s help?

    JO IS ALIVE!!! So good to know that! Alaric, Stefan and Damon together are a great team, but probably Jo could help them out with some answers or hints? Will the Gemini Coven have something to say?

    Thank you once again!!!!

    1. LOL you and the questions!! No spoilers!!! But I will say you are on the right track…

      I really wanted the reader to experience the uncertainty and the stress of not knowing what’s going on with Bonnie, the same way that Damon is experiencing it. But I will tell you she’s alive! πŸ˜€

      And you’ll find out what the Scooby Gang has been up to in the next two chapters – and EVERYONE will make an appearance in this story!

  3. Not a huge fan of Stefan objectifying Bonnie but at least Alaric and Stefan are acknowledging her attractiveness. They were crap friends to Bonnie despite the fact that she has saved both of their lives. Stefan wouldn’t be alive either if it wasn’t for Bonnie. Not just Alaric. Damon shouldn’t have to tell them they need to get her back. But your Damon in this story, and the development he has made since Odd Days, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not sure how Damon is going to react to the Elena of it all but I’m really happy to see the momentum they are making in trying to get Bonnie back. Bonus pts for contacting Lucy also sooner as opposed to later. Just kudos and bonus points to you all around. Really enjoying that you are continuing this story. Love your writing to pieces!!!

    1. Really? I didn’t see it as objectification, or write it with that intention. But perhaps that’s because I know what’s coming, LOL. Stefan’s gone through some changes over the past four years, which more will be revealed about in the next chapter. But it’s good to know his and Alaric’s conversation can be taken that way.

      On the show, everyone seemed to be detached from getting Bonnie back, and it always felt like they weren’t being reminded enough of how much she had sacrificed for their sorry asses. And no, they shouldn’t have had to been told. Alaric and Tyler’s bullshit alone was enough to make me want to scream. And Elena’s “I need Bonnie back so she can tell me whether or not to date Damon” comment/joke still rubs me the wrong way.

      So I’m like: fuck that noise. Every character is gonna grow, and get some kind of evolution, the way they should have on the show. And cray-cray Bonnie-less Damon is gonna make a fine catalyst. 😊

    1. YAAAASSS. Thank you for understanding, lol
      I liked the idea of the reader going through what Damon must be experiencing – the pain of not knowing. Of only being able to guess at what’s happening with our beloved Bon-Bon.

  4. I love you Stella!!! When Stefan says “heartbroken” I balled my eyes out. This was a beautiful bro-bonding chapter. I hope you never stop writing this story (even after your EGOT);) XO

    1. Awwww, thank you! *singing* imma get my EGOT, imma get my EGOT…

      I wasn’t kidding when I said I was rewriting the entire 6 season, LOL

      And I kind of love Defan. There is much more bonding coming up!

  5. Thanks for another great chapter! Poor Damon, and I hope Bonnie is doing ok. Though I don’t particularly care about Elena, I’m kinda curious about what’s going on with her.

    1. Thank you! You know, to be honest, I don’t particularly care about Elena either LOL
      But I figure if I have to have her in here, I may as well take a little canon, and a little of my own imagination, and try to give her some growth and evolution. All will be revealed soon!

  6. Getting better and better. I’m glad the time difference is set up the way is it. Cuz I’ll hate for Bonnie to be trapped there the way she was on the show. Just brutal. Oh Damon going halfway Crazy is sad and slightly disturbing. I hope he doesn’t go complete nuts before he gets Bonnie back.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I couldn’t bear leaving Bonnie there alone for so long. It was cruel and a sign of how much she didn’t matter to the other characters, or Julie Plec. So I fixed it! 😊

      And yes, Damon is going a bit cray. I know my version of TVD is different from so many authors out there, and that I may hit a few twists and turns that surprise, devastate, or annoy. But I appreciate everyone who’s still on this ride with me! I’ll make it worth it by the end, I promise LOL

  7. This was so good! I hope Bonnie comes back soon, she does not deserve to be stuck in that prison world anymore. Although, what actually happened with Elena, is it like in canon or is it something else?

    1. Thank you! And nope, no spoilers about Elena, LOL! However, I will say I took canon, and added a few creative twists to it. A few more adventures before Bonnie makes it back, but when she comes home, it will be worth it. I PROMISE. 😊

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