It aches like this: In long, pulsing strokes. Hot. Tight. Wet. Stefan’s hand on his cock matches the rhythm Damon is setting across the hall as he pushes himself into Bonnie’s sex. A guilty, hungry, bewildered hand that’s coated in his own saliva to mimic the liquid he imagines is pouring fro
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8 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 4

  1. Oh my god. It’s so good! I love it, i admit I’m a sucker for emotionally wrecked Stefan. I’m curious to see where you take this. I’m wondering if the bond will come out to the rest of the gang and how they’ll respnd . Lovely work as always.

  2. Ahhhhh Damon is getting comfortable knowing that sooner or later, Stefan will be involved and then they will come to terms of being comfortable with one another and…..fyyyyye baby! Pure, unadulterated, lusty fyyyyye!!!!

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