It gets unpredictable like this: Because she wants to play. The types of games Stefan likes are usually a bit too turbulent, a touch too real for Elena. The sudden roughness in which he handles her, the way his attention focuses on his own passion, his own needs, makes for her an uncomfortable enco
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10 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 24

    1. You are welcome, and thanks for commenting! There’s two new chapters coming sooooooon…. 😊

      Edit: And then quarantine struck with a vengeance and looking for work and blah blah blah – but its March 2021 and the new chapters are being edited. Posting soon!

  1. Elena is truly selfish. Not once did she acknowledged that it was Bonnie who saved her. She really has no respect for her best friend. I hope Elena is made aware of this. And to think for a hot second, I almost felt sorry for the bish. Stefan make up your dang mind already. You’re the one living in a prison of your own choosing.

  2. Both Stefan and Elena have a strange sort of…selfishness? I’m not sure that’s the right word. Elena’s willingness to leave her friends and family in danger doesn’t look great. It also seems selfish that she expects everyone to be willing to drip their entire lives for her but i don’t think she would do the same. I think the blame for that part of her personality also lies with the people around her who have put her on a pedestal at the expense of themselves. Stefan selfishness(?) Is interesting too. He seems to see the ripper as separate from himself instead of part of him. He wants the sugary sweetness and self sacrifice of being with Elena and raw bond he has with Bonnie&Damon. He can’t have both so i only hope he chooses the right one for himself

    1. I think selfish is the right word. Elena’s attitude is definitely due to everyone else around her always putting themselves second when it comes to her happiness. Everyone she knows and loves has always been at her beck and call, plus two brothers fighting over her – that’s enough to inflate anyone’s ego, and make you think that only what you want matters, because that’s what everyone has been showing you. Not exactly her fault, but its her responsibility to get over that and grow up a bit. And Bonnie and Damon have already started to make those changes, now its just getting Stefan past his own hangups to do the same.
      And Stefan… he’s been in a position where he’s been getting everything he wants/needs from both relationships, and all he had to do was bear some guilt (which he was already used to doing). Now that’s shifting and he’s at a loss, and afraid to make a choice. I think he knows what the right choice is, but he’s afraid of what that says about him and the kind of man he is. Sigh… Stupid Stefan. We’ll see how it goes… LOL!

  3. That was an emotional chapter and worth the wait. Thank you. With everything that is happening across the world right now, especially in the US I really appreciate you taking the time to update and share your work. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It was a difficult one to write because of all those emotional points, so I’m excited that came through. It took me awhile to figure it out.

      Me and the loved ones are doing fine… as well as can be expected anyway. The state of the world makes for a depressed muse – but I think we’ve gotten our groove back! I’m hoping you and yours are in good health and safety as well!

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