It heals like this: On the third night of the full moon, Bonnie wakes from a restless sleep to tickling on her instep, steely breath against her toes. Stefan, settling himself on hands and knees at her feet, rubbing his nose over her ankle as he inhales. Quick tongue swiping at the round of the bone
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6 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 20

  1. Well your muse was very very bad but has made up for her absence. Your poetry-like prose portrays this bonded union as both prosaic and poetic. Reading your stories educates my imagination πŸ˜‰ There’s a cosmic inevitability to sll of this – something fiercly fated that can’t be stopped. It’s beautiful.

  2. I am ready for more chapters, there has been a hole in my life since the last update, but I’m happy it will soon be filled πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’

  3. Repost! New chapters on their way, and I’ve gotten a few ahead so they’ll be posting regularly until the end! Thank you all for hanging in there while the Muse played with my sanity.

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