It’s endured like this: On the third day of the full moon, Bonnie stays in her bed. Magickally shields and blacks out every door, every window. Turns off her phone. Makes herself invisible to monsters by pulling the covers over her head. The crows show up mid-day, sitting silently in the elm outs
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12 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 19

  1. So, this chapter was longer… the second part has been revised as Chapter 20, because the pacing needed adjusting. The flow was affecting my OCD creative instincts regarding the upcoming chapters, so I had to correct it. Updates – yes PLURAL updates – are coming soon!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I’m so happy you are enjoying it. This story is my opus, lol! And yeah, Klaus is… well, Klaus hahaha

  2. the chemistry between the three of them is seriously intense. it’s hard to look away from it. wondering how this new development is going to impact them and their circle. also, someone needs to deal with klaus. preferably bonnie because he’s getting on my last freaking nerve. nice update. enjoyed this!

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