It ebbs like this:   The third day of full moon explodes with vampire attacks, courtesy of an all-out-of-hybrids Klaus. Stefan goes into hiding with Elena while Bonnie, well and truly over the Original’s shit, considers how she can utilize the new magick in her blood to solve this problem once an
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14 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 13

  1. I’m trying to think of a metaphor to describe (how much I love) the pacing of this, and I’m caught between a waltz (which doesn’t quite capture it) and those high-spinning swing rides you go on at amusement parks.

    I think the swing is best.

    Despite the mature sensuality and sexuality of this story there’s still something small and preciously innocent about it. The story swoops you out and up and makes you grin hard in a cheek-hurting way and then leaves you breathless but exhilarated. It’s all necessary narration – no frivolous linguistic gymnastics and time wasted on distractions (like Elena’s feeeeelings – although Caroline’s helpless ‘I wasn’t ready’ made me laugh out loud). And when the chapter ends, you feel happy and excited and fulfilled but still can’t wait until you get the all clear to ‘dismount’ so you can run around and line up to metsphorically do it again. Or more directly, read the next chapter.

    The declarations, which I see as vows, were so real and grounded and were revelations not promises. Bonnie’s recognition of her power – the inevitability of her victory because of her bonds, was such a great moment. And I love those bonds for her for many reasons but above all because it prevents her worst fear from happening – she will never be alone or abandoned again. When she was tired and spent and seemingly cast aside (yet again) the bond ensured that she was not, and Damon gave her the acknowledgement but moreso the ‘claiming’ she needed. And that ‘reboot’ back at the boardinghouse? All the yes.

    I am a bit…’concerned’…about Stephan’s wary comments about the bond. Stephan is the weather-vane: he reacts and senses things before they fully manifest. I sense a hard choice coming. I fear a division or separation being foisted upon them. I just hope Bonnie won’t travel the martyr route she so often defaults to. Not trying to influence your tale or squeeze out a spoiler! Promise!

    Thank you again for this. I love the grit of it’s realistic and grounded exposition. I love your writer’s voice. I am indebted to your muse. I patiently await the next chapter.

    1. Livviedoo, we’ve never met but I realize now that you are my heart, my snuggle buddy, and the wind beneath my wings. Reading this comment gave me soooo much life! Everything you say here is exactly what I was going for with this story, so much so that there are turns of phrase you use here that I LITERALLY wrote weeks ago for the upcoming chapters. You are obviously my psychic twin and we were separated at birth. All I can say to this entire comment is YES YES THANK YOU OMG YOU CAUGHT THAT YES YES YES THANK YOU! 😊

      I was really excited to try this type of narration. I’m a poet and an artist, and my natural inclination is to use every word in every sentence and yes-that-paragraph-should-be-a-page-long, LOL. I was trying to get my hand back after such a long break, trying to get ready to write Even Days again. I started taking notes for this story idea, and in reading through them I realized the style worked. It’s different, and its not for everybody, much like the story content. But it makes me feel so deeply, and richly, and it opened me up creatively. The spareness of the text allowed my imagination, and I feel the reader’s as well, to expand and fill in the blanks. So it means a lot that you would mention it, and that you appreciate it.

      No spoilers, LOL – But I will say that while Bonnie does run into some issues, I have no plans to make them of the martyr variety. I’m over it, and I think she is too, hahaha. Time for little Bon-Bon to be selfish, time for Stefan to stop whining, and time for Damon to stop avoiding – its going to be an interesting ride!

      And next chapter is coming soon! I have 7 more already written, but in rereading the next chapter I came up with a better idea than the original, so I’m doing a bit of revising. I hope to have it up tonight, but probably tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for updating. I decided to wait to read this chapter, so that it could be one of my birthday presents. I’m glad that I did because you did not disappoint. Love that your version of Bonnie is finally wiling to stand up for herself, but this time she didn’t have to. Damon gave her the thanks she deserved and declared that they were together. I liked that Stefan was the one to tell her that Damon loves her and that it was easy to love her. Caroline’s reaction to seeing Bamon was priceless. Damon being able to give Bonnie strength when she needed it really got to me. The I love you’s and the why I’m in love with you between Bonnie and Damon were perfect. This was my favorite chapter.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this chapter. This version of Bonnie is different from my other stories… I try to take the little TVD gave us about her and expand it, according to the situation she’s in. ANd this is a hell of a situation, so I figured I could go all out, LOL. Thank you so much for reading and faithfully commenting!

  3. This was amazing! I read through all the chapters in one sitting again and I enjoy how you laid out this story and how they came to be in this situation. I freaking love the Bamon points but I also love how you differentiate their bond together and separately. Really dug this update. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much! It’s important to me that those distinctions with the three of them are apparent, so that’s wonderful to hear. Thank you again for reading and commenting!

  4. I’m in tears! This chapter was gorgeous. If it’s a spoiler please let me know but, is Stefan’s bond to Bonnie the same as Damon’s is to her, or is that their relationship dynamics are different? Anyways, I don’t know if it’ll even come but I know that a Stefonnie declaration of love is going to absolutely melt me (just as these did as well). Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    1. The relationship dynamics are different. Bonnie’s relationship with Stefan is different than hers with Damon, because it always was. It’s kind of like you have two best friends, and one you can talk to about romance and the other you talk to about family stuff. They are still both your friends, and you love them both, but your connection to each of them is unique.

      They are all bonded in the same way, but Damon gave her more blood than Stefan did, which meant the Bamon stuff was running hotter in her system, and it was consummated first because of that, as well as availability (Stefan was in bed with Elena when the bond first started activating in them). They all feel the same physical attraction and lust. The difference is emotionally.
      Damon wanted the connection once it happened, while Stefan was (and still is, somewhat) apprehensive. So in the beginning months, Bonnie and Damon were hanging out all the time, getting to know each other and falling in love, while Stefan was still trying to block the bond and ignore them.
      So Stefan has some catching up to do. But now that the bond has been completed, he’s catching up fast (the next couple of chapters focus on that).

      Stefan is first and foremost in love with Elena; she is his grounding in the humanity he so desperately seeks, plus that whole doppelganger connection. His concern and focus so far has been making sure his relationship with Elena stays intact, but being unable to fight the pull to Bonnie.
      Because with Bonnie, who is his friend, who is more like him than anyone else, there’s an acceptance and an honesty that Stefan doesn’t have with anyone else. And his relationship with Damon changes because of the acceptance he finds when he’s with the two of them. With Damon and Bonnie, he can freely be everything he is (the boy, the vampire, the Ripper) and he can accept those different facets of himself without guilt or shame. But none of that makes him love Elena any less… it just opens him up in a new way.
      And he understands the emotional side of things, the moral side of things, the guilt/martyr side of things, which gives him and Bonnie something to talk about, LOL

      If I say anything more, it heads into spoiler territory… so I’ll just mention one of the foundations of this story for me was how its possible to be in love with more than one person at one time.
      Hope this helps, and thank you for reading and commenting!

      1. It more than helps! It’s actually more than what I was expecting. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, I sincerely appreciate it. Can’t wait to see how these relationships unfold!

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