It keeps flowing like this: Laying in Bonnie’s bed, surrounded by silence and skin. Full moon above, the three of them dozing inside the lunar light that spills through the open window. Six legs tangled, Stefan’s fingers tracing patterns over her belly while Damon rests his head on her shoulder.
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10 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 12

  1. I adore you!

    The confessional piece was terrific and something I would have loved to watch play out on the show.

    Thank you so much Stella Noble and give us more (when you can of course)🔥❤️

  2. I enjoy this story a lot. I like the connection (bond) between the three of them. IT is much deeper than only sex, lust, passion. I can’t wait for more 😃😃 thank you 😃

    1. Yes! I wanted the sex – and honestly the fantasizing about it is what made me write this story. But I wanted deeper, more intimate as well. Thank you!

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