8 thoughts on “BAD MOON RISING – 1

  1. So so so so into/excited/down for this.

    No need to drop positive expletives about how singeingly hot this is because…obviously?

    Love the structural roll out – kinda Supernaturalish but more because it speaks to an inevitability of all of what is to follow.

    So off I go to fall happily down your literary rabbit hole!

    1. Yaaaay!! The structure and the short-pulse-poetry language is a new thing I’m trying, but really enjoying working with. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  2. I don’t think my jaw is willingly going to leave the floor. Hot doesn’t even describe this! I high key want to see Elena’s reaction to the Salvatores and Bonnie lol. I’m eating this up! Yaaaasssss!!!

  3. Yes, yes yes. This was excellent and just so filthily delicious. I’ve always loved your portrayal of Bonnie’s magick and this was no exception. I can not wait to see where you take this, taboo and all.

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