About Stella. (that’s me)

I’m Stella Noble: writer, artist, dreamer. Manifester. Most of you know me from my fanfiction. Some of you from my original works and poetry, and still others from my weird and occasionally profound mixed-media art. I created this space as a way to combine all these things into one cohesive movement, and to commit to the life I want to live.

This will be a space for you to experience all of my creations: original works of storytelling and poetry, fanfiction, digital and physical art-pieces, blog posts, and whatever other talents I discover along the way.

There are completed works and in-progress things, and you’ll have the first look at the amazing new and decadent story ideas I have planned. Plus you get regular posts on the Creativity Project, where I’ll endeavor to produce at least one creative work of writing or art each week. You’ll be able to comment on your favorite chapters, vote on my next story venture, and discuss the creative process within a community that ‘gets it’.

I want to write, I want to create, and I want these things to be more than a hobby that keeps my day job from driving me insane. I want to live a full-time creative life of my own making, surrounded by sexy words, outrageous characters, and amazing visuals, and I want to share the beauty I create with others.

And I want to be able to eat, pay my rent, and maybe even get my own Netflix account while I do it.

That’s where you come in. I am dedicated to this creative life, and will continue write, post, and share regardless of the amounts gifted here. Your patronage through Ko-fi supports my art, my coffee habit, and helps me to be able to keep creating.

No story I post here will ever be abandoned, and I’ll be attempting to post active story updates a minimum of twice per month. Through our efforts here I hope to launch my indie publishing company, Juke Joint Press, as a full time career, where I can help other authors of colors succeed on their writing journey.

Thank you for joining me on this expedition into the sensual, the unusual, and the spectacular!

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