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Hello, Jezebels!
Welcome to the new website. You’ll need to become a member to read and comment – but membership is now free! With the launch of this new site, I am implementing the Ko-fi system. You’ll read my stuff, view my art, and if you love it (or even like it just a little) then please consider buying me a cup of coffee. Your donations keep this site up and running, and help me in a dozen other ways, which you can read about here.

My older fanfics are being edited, updated, and reformatted to flow with the new website. This is a work in progress, so for the moment, most stories are unavailable to read. Completed titles will be reposted in their entirety, and works-in-progress will post to the most current update. Links for each story will go live when they are available to read. In the case of Blood Moon Rising, it’s been completely rewritten, so you’ll want to start that one from scratch.


TVD Fanfic: 1994 Bamon Multi-Chapter AU, Rated X, NSFW (© Sept 2016 – Complete)
Odd Days

The Other Side is gone, and Damon and Bonnie are trapped in an empty Mystic Falls. Bonnie is tired of sacrifice and ready to let go of the past, and following her lead guides Damon to rethink everything he knows about life, death, and love. (Check out the continuation of this story, Even Days)

TVD Fanfic: Bamon Multi-Chapter AU, Continuation of ODD DAYS, Rated X, NSFW (©2017 – In Progress)
Even Days

When the Odd Days have run out, what are you left with? Back in the real world, Damon and Bonnie deal with the aftermath of their ‘deaths’ and the uncertainty of rebirth.

TVD Fanfic: Bamon, Stefonnie, Defan Multi-Chapter AU. Rated XXX TABOO THEMES. (©2017 – In Progress)
Blood Moon Rising

Bonnie’s moon spell has a few unforeseen consequences.    

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